Munchin’ Matsus: Rain or Shine (Vancouver)

This is a series where my sister Spocky (heyitsLisa) and I go and munch some nomz. Click here for her side of the story!

In August this year, my whole family went to Vancouver, Canada to drop Spocky off at university (and use that as an excuse for our summer vacation). I’ll be writing more posts on Vancouver soon!

While Spocky was busy with her freshman orientation, we managed to see each other one last time! We had dinner with my lovely hosts also known as my best friend of 17 years and her amazing fiancé, at Sushi California, fusion-style Sushi (so good! But this is coming from a Panda Express lover. Westernized-Asian food is it’s whole own food genre). Afterwards Spocky and I headed to Rain or Shine (Cambie Street) for some dessert.


Rain or Shine started as a couple making ice cream in an ice cream maker at home that didn’t have the scary un-pronounceable chemicals to accompany the flavor.

“Our main goal was to make a delicious ice cream with natural socially conscious ingredients that everyone could enjoy. We wanted to create a friendly, inviting space where all ages could meet and enjoy delicious smells, tastes and views of ice cream being made from scratch right there.”

In addition to the constant innovations to their flavors, their ingredients are locally sourced to support local farmers and also to lower carbon emissions. These are values I can 100% get behind. They now have locations in Cambie Street, Kits and UBC (lucky Spocky!)


The interior is super cute with a purple cow-icorn(?) neck mount, ice cream wall paper and lots of benches and a picnic table for flexible seating arrangements. There was a line to the door but actually this was great because it gave us time to decide which flavors to get and the staff even bring you the flavors you want to test as you’re waiting in line. They have SUCH interesting and unique flavors like: honey lavender, Mexican hot chocolate (seasonal) and caramel ginger pear (seasonal). We ended up sharing a single cone with 2 flavors (malted milk chocolate honeycomb and balsamic blueberry – be still my heart) in a waffle cone (so so worth that extra dollar) and it is truly one of the top 3 ice creams/gelato that I have ever had in my life.

Even if I hated Vancouver (which I can assure you I definitely did not, in fact I started looking for jobs in Vancouver on LinkedIn after only 3 days there 😂) I would go back just for the ice cream (I am dreaming of that malted chocolate and balsamic blueberry everyday) AND the waffle cone.

p.s. Stay tuned for our new long-distance eating series International Nibbles!


Check out heyitsLisa to see her side of the story!

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