Will Stop For Noodles: Jakarta Layover

Bakmi Orpa, Jakarta

In July I went to Lombok, an island off the coast of Bali, with my other half of MSTravels. (There will be more on that on another post soon!) On our way, we had a 6-hour layover in Jakarta.

I had spent a few days in Jakarta back in February and while I didn’t get to explore the city too much, I had an amazing time with my friend and his family who invited me to join in on their Chinese New Year traditions. One of my absolute favorite places was BAKMI ORPA a tiny little family-owned noodle shop that doesn’t even have set prices but has the most incredible soup – I’m drooling just thinking about it now.

While I originally bemoaned a 6-hour layover (there’s only so many YouTube videos you can watch before your brain turns to mush), my friend said that he would pick us up and take us out for breakfast (did I mention our flight landed in Jakarta at 5 am?).

Jakarta Airport, MSTravels

Bright eyed and bushy tailed at Jakarta airport at 5 am

Bakmi Orpa, Jakarta

heavenly sweet potato balls (spot them on the right)

bakmi orpa, noodles, jakarta

bakmi mmmm

Bakmi Orpa, Jakarta Layover

jakarta layover

& a quick selfie before heading back to the airport for our flight to Lombok!


Thank you to Glen, my long-time college BFF and the most gracious host ever, for getting up early on a Saturday – I’m sure our company was worth the early wake-up call 😉


P.S. on our way back, we had another 5-hour layover and used that as a chance to grab a massage in the city! Talk about utilizing our time to the max.

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  1. i want to go to indonesia toooooo

    1. yes lets go together!!!

  2. I had a one day layover in Jakarta! It was my second real taste of culture shock after Jerusalem! Looks like you ate well!

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