International Nibbles: Long Distance Dining by 2 Sisters {Pizza Party}

Every month my sister spocky (heyitsLisa) and I will choose a food and then go nibble in our respective cities, Vancouver and Tokyo. 

In November HeyitsLisa and I decided that our second International Nibbles post would be pizza! Because who doesn’t love pizza? I dutifully went to one of my favorite pizza places in Tokyo with a friend, however never wrote about it as things started getting busy with the holidays. Spocky came back to Japan over winter break and we recommitted to our blog series. However, I was insanely busy with both my personal and professional life.

I had the best intentions and even went to another pizza place in January. Alas, the writing part of this blog series never happened…until now (its March woops?) So my lucky readers (hi 👋), I will be talking about two pizza places in Tokyo today!

Pizza seems to be a staple more and more in which you can get pretty much whatever restaurant you go to (taste not guaranteed) in Japan. Pizza chains are definitely not up to global standards and so finding good pizza is very exciting, to say the least. So first up is…


With locations in Kanda, Gotanda and Hamamatsucho, they’re famous for their deep-dish pizza (Chicago-style). As I’ve never been to Chicago, I can’t speak for its authenticity, but I can say that on a Friday night or a weekend, it’s usually booked solid so make sure to get a reservation if you want to secure a seat. (Case in point, the night we went, the Kanda restaurant was fully booked and we had to go to Gotanda instead)DevilCraft GotandaInspired by the craft beer movement in the US., DevilCraft finally opened their doors to the public in 2013. They now brew their own DevilCraft beers, served in all three of their Tokyo locations. This is the classic American ‘beer and pizza’ combo, taken to the next level with a focus on fresh and homemade. Their desserts are also made from scratch and ~heavenly~Oreo Cheesecake DevilCraftI did not have any beer there as I am not much of a beer person, but now that I know the original focus was the craft beer, I will definitely check it out next time I’m there. My friend and I were also starving and I forgot to take pictures of the 2 appetizers I got. Waffle Fries (so rare in Japan! ¥500) and Devil’s Chicken Quesadilla (only available at DC Gotanda! ¥800). The quesadillas came to our table and there were only 4 tiny pieces and for a second, we thought it was someone’s leftovers. The taste and flavor were on point but for the cost, it was definitely disappointing. And then the pizza came! We got The Big Cheese in a small (feeds 1-2) and I don’t think any more needs to be said; check out that gooey, cheesy, tomatoey goodness.The Big Cheese DevilCraft

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

This pizzeria is located in the (relatively) new NEWoman in Shinjuku New South Exit and located right across the street from the Shinjuku Station. It opened in April 2016 and I sometimes still see lines out the door. Originally from Los Angeles, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza was founded by Chef Anthony Carron. [Sidenote: As of Feb 2018, they are apparently currently rebranding to 800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen] Described as “Premium Fast Casual Restaurant” according to their website and is essentially a make-your-own-pizza which is then baked in an 800-degree (Fahrenheit) oven for 90 seconds. Tons of variety from beloved classics to “Japan originals”.

800 Degrees ShinjukuWe got a burrata with avocado salsa (¥1,200) and a Verde pizza with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes (around ¥1,500) and a margherita pizza with bacon (around ¥1,280) plus drinks. If you couldn’t tell from our order, my friends who I went with are definitely on the conservative side when it comes to pizza, so when we didn’t order too many toppings, it seemed like they were judging us hardcore.800 Degrees ShinjukuThe bases are Margherita, Bianca, Marinara, Verde and Crème (¥850~¥1,100) and toppings are Vegetables (¥100), Cheese (¥200~¥900), Honey (¥200), Japan Original (¥200) and Protein (¥300).Verde Pizza 800 Degrees Shinjuku TokyoAlthough I thought it a tad pricey, the cute décor, amazing topping variety and great drinks made up for it. I am super curious about their side dishes and next time will definitely be trying the Meatballs (¥680) and Truffle Cheese Bread (¥1,180).

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For more information on DevilCraft // For more information on 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

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