International Nibbles: A Burrito Cures My Monday Blues

A Burrito Cures My Monday Blues (Las Dos Caras)

Every month my sister Spocky (heyitsLisa) and I will choose a food and then go nibble in our respective cities, Vancouver and Tokyo. 

Believe it or not, there isn’t much of a science when it comes to choosing our food of the month. So this month, the theme was dictated by Spocky’s craving for chipotle!

There are actually many Mexican restaurants around Tokyo ranging from quirky hole-in-the-walls to very nice sit-down dinners and everything in between with much debate about authenticity depending on who you ask. For me, as someone who did not grow up eating a lot of Mexican food, I have loved exploring the flavors and dishes of Mexico in a variety of different ways.

As soon as Spocky told me “burrito” was the theme, I had my heart set on going back to a small, authentic place in Harajuku called Chiles, my google search also backed me in my belief that this was one of the best burrito places in Tokyo. But to my horror and disappointment, they happened to be closed the day we went. But the beauty of the Tokyo is the abundance of great food choices so we walked back through a packed Takeshita Dori and went to…

Las Dos Caras

The company that owns Las Dos Caras also owns a couple of other Mexican cuisine joints, the only other one I am familiar with being Haciendo Del Cielo in Daikanyama – perfect for a leisurely weekend lunch!

Mexican dining with two faces, traditional and modern

The first time I went to Las Dos Caras was a few years ago for my friend’s birthday where we celebrated the day of her birth with bottomless margaritas served in yardas. I’ve been here a couple of times since, mainly for the cocktails and ambiance.

Usually packed on the weekends, when we went on a Monday night, it was pretty quiet with only a few groups eating here and there which was great for unwinding after work on Monday.

One of my favorite parts of dining here is the fresh guac that they make right in front of you, you even get to pick your own avocado! They also have fresh salsa which they make using a molcajete – a traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle.

las dos caras quesadillas

We ordered Guacamole [¥950], Ceviche de Agvacate y Camarrones (Avocado and Shrimp Ceviche) and Sincronizadita de Queso (Mini Cheese Quesadilla) [both ¥500 as are all of their Appetizers!] Finally, I ordered my much-awaited burrito (chicken – ¥950) and my friend ordered chicken chimichangas. This burrito is a “Wet Burrito” and you may be wondering, what is the difference between this and an enchilada? The difference is that the burrito is made with a flour tortilla whereas an enchilada is made with a corn tortilla!

burrito las dos caras

You may want to look elsewhere if you are craving a chipotle style burrito, but if you want good drinks and platillos, this is the place for you.

Check out Spocky’s burrito experience here (coming soon)!

For more information on Las Dos Caras

P.S. Spocky is back in Tokyo! So International Nibbles will be on hold for a few months, but Munchin’ Matsus will be back in its place! (See our last Munchin’ Matsus post here) Stay tuned as we eat our way around Tokyo and more!

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