Fresh Beginnings – Welcome

Welcome to my very first post!

I originally set up this account, domain and all, but never got around to posting anything because I didn’t have any specific theme or concept in mind. Fast forward to 2 years later, I am bursting at the seams with ideas, specifically writing projects that I’ve been wanting to try for the past year, but have just been too busy to get around to.

I’ll be uploading posts of all kinds on travel, Japan, long-distance relationships, adulting as well as some exciting writing projects I have planned. Suggestions welcome 🙂

So to kick things off, and for you to get to know me more, here are 5 things about me that you won’t find on the About page:

  1. I am a water baby – swimming, snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddle boarding, jet-skiing, romantic walks on the beach, whatever it is sign me up
  2. Between my sophomore year until 6 months after graduation, I did 9 internships (!)
  3. I can’t live without bronzer or tinted lip-balm
  4. I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 4 years come September
  5. Adrenaline junkie

So there you have it, I hope that something (or some things) that I write resonates with you and that I’ll have the pleasure of your company as I set out on my new adventure!


Photo: Saya Matsumoto, Lamma Island, Hong Kong (March 2017)

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