Munchin’ Matsus: Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar

This is a series where my sister Spocky (heyitsLisa) and I go and munch some nomz. 

Since Spocky finished her finals and heads off to Canada in less than 2 weeks (!!) it’s been a whirlwind of meeting friends and packing. I managed to book some time with her and we headed, where all sane people go on Sundays, to Harajuku.


Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar originates in New Zealand (2010) and their Tokyo Branch is their first international store which opened in Harajuku in 2013. The menu is quite extensive and has a wide variety of fresh cookies as well as “cookie-inspired creations”. Not to mention all of the staff were English-speaking, a rarity in Japan.

Between the two of us we got:

  • Mini Ice Cream Sandwich (caramel ice cream)
  • Milk and Mini Cookie Combo (free milk re-fills!)
  • 3 Large Cookie Combo (Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate/Fudge/Caramel and Cranberry&White Chocolate)                                       =¥1950


While the interior is bright and fun with dozens of packaged cookies available for purchase as well as clothes, underwear, temporary tattoos; there are not many seats available so if you go at peak times, you may not be able to find a seat. The store was packed when we went but we were lucky enough to snag a seat at the counter where there was even an ipad for us to selfie to our hearts content.

As a hardcore cookie lover, I’ve struggled to find good, old-fashioned, chewy cookies here in Japan so I will definitely be going back to try some of their other selections (I’m eyeing that cookies & cream hot chocolate and the giant birthday cookie cake – any birthdays coming up?) because let’s be real, it’s always cookie time.


Check out heyitsLisa to see her side of the story!


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